The Pastor's Journey


Pastor Russell

"Come and experience a little bit of Gullah,




 and a whole lot of God"


From Pastor Russell's Heart…

If you ever invested into the stock market, the expected returns can be questionable. People have invested all of their hard earned monies and if the stock markets crash (as we have seen) people have lost all! At New Life Deliverance Temple, once you invest your life in Christ the returns are constant blessings and you will never experience a ‘Christ Crash!’ New Life Deliverance Temple parishioners have invested their talents and the dividends received have been both tangible and intangible, causing many to become witnesses to the power of God. 
The technological age has caused one to experience church from their homes, cars, hotel rooms, buses, trains, and even airplanes. However, the scriptures reminds to “Not forsake the assembling ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching” (Hebrews 10:25). Though having church alone has its benefits, there is still joy in ‘two or three gathered in Jesus name!’   
Complex life issues are being presented which often causes imbalance, confusion and uncertainty. My desire is for the body of Christ to reach levels of maturity so that we may remain “steadfast and unmovable” so that our ability in Christ will maintain stability as we operate in an unstable world. 
If you are seeking a church where contemporary and traditional meet, travel to the beautiful St. Helena Island, rich with the Gullah Culture.  New Life Deliverance blends all components and the outcome is Preaching, Praising, Shouting, Worshipping and just some good ole Churching! 
“Come experience a little bit of Gullah, and a whole lot of God”

Again, we are glad for your joining and expect great things as you walk with Christ!

Pastor D.L. Russell, Jr., B.A., M. Div.